Amber Locklear is a 41-year-old female of American Indian ethnicity.  She has been a resident of South Central Los Angeles for the past 7 years.   Amber originally resided in Long Beach and developed a long history of drug and alcohol abuse.  Much of her life experience involves going in and out of jails.  She also spent time homeless on Los Angele's skid row.  Eventually, Amber got into a treatment facility for her substance abuse and was introduced to 12 Step programs.

Through her recovery, she was able to be admitted into Los Angeles Southwest College.  It was at Southwest College where she was introduced to the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic volunteer Gary Easley, who was giving a presentation about the legal clinic at the time.  Gary referred her to Mesereau Free Legal Clinic to learn more about cleaning her past criminal record, which included misdemeanors and felonies, which are all drug related offenses.   Fortunately, for record-cleaning purposes, Amber's felony offenses did not involve prison sentences and therefore she was able to go through the expungement process rather than seeking a certificate of rehabilitation, which is a more difficult process.

As a result of seeking the help of Mesereau Free Legal Clinic, Amber was able to get 4 offenses expunged and dismissed off her record.  She is now in the process of seeking expungements of 5 other matters.  Because of the success she has had with Mesereau Free Legal Clinic, she has also referred the clinic to friends in need of legal help and she brings them with her when she attends the clinic.  By expunging her past criminal record, Amber is able to get a decent job to support herself because most employers will now hire her to work for them.  Amber's success with expungement is just one of many steps in her recovery process.

Amber's life experience is one of inspiration.  She is now active in recovery and currently has 7 years of sobriety with no substance abuse.  She is active in working the 12 steps, she sponsors other women with substance abuse problems, she leads a recovery group workshop, and she is currently attending California State University- Los Angeles where she is studying for her Bachelor of Arts in social work.  Amber aspires to pursue her Master's degree in social work and wants to work in the mental health field.  This is her way of giving back to her community and being of service which Amber attributes much this success to the help of the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic.

The steps Amber has taken to re-incorporate herself into society, as a productive citizen is commendable.  The entire Volunteer Attorneys and Staff of the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic are always elated to know that clinic success’ like Amber Locklear’s story is the reason why we do what we do…  

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"
(Winston Churchill)





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