The Mesereau Free Legal Clinic provides legal assistance, advice, counseling and forms assistance in all areas of law such as personal injury, criminal, employment, real estate, wills, trust, and much more.  The assigned attorney will assess the case and work with you on the appropriate actions, which can include limited court appearances, pro bono or low cost handling.  If necessary, on a case-by-case basis, you may be referred to another specialty attorney for further handling.

Project Re-Entry-

The goal of this project is to assist ex-offenders in the successful re-integration into mainstream society through a holistic approach.  We believe assist in the reduction of recidivism a person must become gainfully employed in order to provide for oneself and the family. We achieve this goal through our the assistance in three critical areas: (1) Expungement services, (2) Support services and (3) ex-offender Job Fairs. To learn more about Expungement and Certificate Rehabilitation --CLICK HERE


We at the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic believe in the truism that "knowledge is power," Sir Francis Bacon.  Once empowered, we believe a person will not only work to improve his or her own station in life, but will help improve another person’s life.  In the end, we all benefit from an informed and productive citizenry.   

The Mesereau Free Legal Clinic does its part in empowering our communities by offering Legal Presentations, Seminars, and Workshops.  Past presentations have been on subject matter ranging from legal issues such as Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Probate & Wills, Bankruptcy, Stop the Violence, Clear up your credit, Clean your criminal Record, Gang Injunctions, Drug Court, How to Represent yourself in court, Education vs. Life of Crime, Mediate not Litigate, and countless other seminars. Suggested topics and Presenters are welcomed.  Please send us a message -CLICK HERE

Mobile Clinics-​​

The Mesereau Free Legal Clinic is available as a mobile clinic for Speaking engagements, Presentations, Seminars, Legal Empowerment Days, Law Days, and more at Churches, Community events, Associations, Schools, Festivals and other organizations.  We are happy to talk with you about how we can service your needs.  For more information click here to contact our Executive Director with your proposed date and general information.  

Program & Services