"Dear Attorney Mesereau :

I like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, which I know is very valuable.
Recently, I incurred a situation that I felt I would need legal advice. In speaking with a friend I was advised that you provided legal information within my community. However, she did not know where said services were housed.  With no other avenues I was left to contact your    offices. After speaking with the secretary, she put me on hold. She returned and advise me that you were speaking with someone else, but she would take my number for a return call.  

Right!, I said in my mind, but complied . Imagine my surprise when my phone ranged back in moments, and I heard that familiar voice that I have heard many times on television asking to speak with me. "What can I assist you with?” you asked.. I explained my dilemma and you informed me about your free legal clinic.
I showed up at the address that was given to me at the time that was told to me and was impressed and overwhelmed at all the kind and informative people that was available to try and assist me in my plight.
I do not know what the outcome will be, however I am just grateful that someone of your status takes time to be compassionate and still believes in helping those less fortunate than one   selves. 

Past Clinic client

The Mesereau Free Legal Clinic provides legal education, advocacy and assistance in all areas of the law. 

We provide each and every client with confidential consultation from qualified professionals.   

The Mesereau Free Legal Clinic offers an array of services and programs to include various levels of representation on a case by case basis which can include pro bono, low cost or sliding scale legal representation. 

24 June 2017

Community Event

WOW March Info Fair

Success Story

What We Do

A  history of drug & alcohol abuse, criminal convictions and  living on Los Angeles Skid Row and now with the help of Mesereau Free Legal Clinic, Amber is on the road to success.

13 October 2018

Annual Fundraiser Casino Night 

Sept. 8th thru Dec. 2018

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The Lives We Impact

The Mesereau Free Legal Clinic has assisted over 700 ex-offenders re-entry clients and over 2,117 general clientele and still counting 

  • Legal case review
  • Criminal Expungement services
  • Landlord Tenant issues
  • Legal Seminars and more

Client Comments

  • “All information very informative"”
  • "I received a clear understanding what I need to do for myself"
  • "Explained in plain English and answered all questions"
  • "This seminar helped me make the decision to get a Will vs. a Living Trust"

“Dear Mr. Thomas Mesereau:

I wanted to write and express my gratitude to you for having founded the
Mesereau Free Legal Clinic. It has been quite a pleasure to have contributed
my time in assisting its clientele,
while also having met some extraordinary
members of our legal community and observing what one could do and
accomplish with a law degree.

I should also add that I feel privileged to
have met and known Ms. Sulema Wilborn. She was a very kind individual with a deeply-held set of values that guided her practice. I would also like to
note that I have already placed in a request with my own law school to see
if a similar clinical type of project could be initiated so as to assist the
residents of the South Side of Chicago. Your work has truly been inspiring,
and I thank you for it. Of course, please do be in touch when you can.
Again, thank you.!"


Martin Kohan

Past Law Student Volunteer

Mr. Kohan is now a licensed an attorney